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How to Prepare Your Computer for Sale

Donation and selling are the two choices that a person has when they are upgrading their computer. You will receive additional money that will boost you in upgrading. There are numerous cases of leaked information when one sell a computer. Preparing your laptop is vital to ensure that you do not give your personal information to the strangers.

Before you embark on selling your computer; it is vital to first back up the information on the machine. Copy and paste to the external drive- the method is suitable when you are only storing few GB. When data is a big number of the files that need to be transferred, then the copy-pasting method will not be suitable. The best way to deal with this issue is by cloning the disk that has the confidential information. There are many free and premium cloning programs on the internet that will help you to back up the data. The benefit of the cloning programs is that will not only backup the hard drive data but also the password on the browsers.

Cleaning data from your computer is the next and most vital step. just deleting and emptying the recycle bin will not completely remove all the data. When you copy data on the drive; its eco is left on magnetic media. A malicious person is likely to recover the data if you do not clean it thoroughly. If you visit the web, there are many recovery programs. Computer geeks can also get access to your information without even using the applications.

You can erase data from your computer using numerous ways. A lot of OS has an inbuilt data wiping programs. To wipe your computer, go to the setting, and click on the resenting option. When you are reinstalling the operating system; you will also see the resetting option. However, there are some hard drive wipe programs on the web that will wipe the entire information on the hard disk. White Canyon, for instance, uses DOD 5220.22-m method to wipe the data. DOD 5220.22-m works by overwriting “0” and”1″ on various positions of the drive at a random manner. Verification will then be done to ensure that the original data that was on the hard disk is unreadable.

Start cleaning the machine once you have wiped all the data. Statrt by turning it off and removing the battery. Use a soft and linen free cloth to wipe it. If water is not removing the dust, mix vinegar and water. You will also need a hair drier to remove the dust.

Make sure that you have ejected all the DVDs and other removable media from your computer. People will leave disks on their computer for a long time without even noticing. Remove also the thumb USB since they are very small.

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