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Reasons Why Church is Essential for all Christians

In this article, we are going to discuss on the relevance of the church in Christians and below are some of the reasons, one is, to Reverence, obey and demonstrate appreciation to God our Creator ‘For six days, work is to be done, and the seventh day is a day to rest and serve GOD, heavenly to the LORD’, Through Genesis we discovered that God created the universe and all that is in it remembering men for Six days and He rested on the seventh day. It doesn’t mean that he was not tired, rather set an example for us to follow as mentioned by Him in his word. By doing this we will be following His desire as a child to His Father.
Another reason is that the church is the main isolated and committed House of God, ‘Watch my Sabbaths and have respect for my haven. I am the LORD’ Church, Temple, Sanctuary is the main assembled house committed to the name of the Lord. It is a Lighthouse, a solid pinnacle, a House of the petition. The main House of God was worked by King Solomon who was given determinations by God, to date it is recorded to be the most excellent, costly structure at any point manufactured. On the day it was devoted to God, it was recorded that God descended in a cloud and filled the sanctuary that the gathering ran out in dread.
The other point is that the church is the main House whose reason and vision is Heavenly Focused,’God is the soul and his admirers must love in soul and in truth.’ The Church is the ONLY foundation that is SPIRITUAL and HEAVENLY engaged. Their adage is ‘accepting is to see’. This is truly a contrary approach to ‘the world’. It is the main spot where FAITH is SIMPLY key. Without this, it is difficult to know God, as nobody has seen HIM, the same way nobody has seen the air we inhale yet we trust it to be there.

The fourth reason is that, individuals do assemble in the church to discover and get familiar with God’s ways,’For my musings are not your contemplations, nor are your ways my ways,”‘ pronounces the LORD, Church is the main spot where individuals assemble to prepare, enable, learn and find the methods of God the Creator through His composed verses in the Holy Bible. ‘enlivened by God and is valuable to show us what is valid and to make us understand what’s happening in our lives. It revises us when we are incorrect and trains us to make the right decision.
In conclusion, the church is a Christian house where you are prepared and engaged to be a blesser, comforter to the universe. ‘At that point, I heard the voice of the Lord speaking, “Whom will I send? What’s more, who will go for us?” And I stated, “Here am I. Send me, The Church is a dynamic development with a worldwide plan, each Christian has a great proclamation allocated to them, ‘to be productive, increase and recharge the earth’. The Bible discloses to us that the earth is of the master and all that is in it, He made it and has put us, regulators, over the land.

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