How to Make a Space Smell Great

Among the massive number of methods and products available to make space smell great, there are only a few that provide consistent and therapeutic aroma. Candles are cost-effective and provide a warm glow in the home. The issue is that some candles do not smell nice until they are blown out and then last a few minutes at best. Those that do have a pleasant smell while burning are not strong enough to alter the smell of even a small space.

Aerosol and Pump Sprays

These provide a burst of fragrance that can mask unpleasant odors but do not last for any real length of time. Aerosol sprays are not environmentally-friendly, and both types of sprays leave a residue on surfaces. They do act fast, which is great if someone arrives unexpectedly to the home. A major problem with this method of odor control is that it becomes expensive to keep replacing them.


Many solid scented products are attractive and look more like room decor than odor control devices. These can be placed in several rooms to provide different smells throughout the house. The longest these last is one-month, and it is easy to forget to change them. The solids that melt via votive candles or an electric cord tend to last longer, but that holder has to be emptied and cleaned often to avoid wax spilling all over the floor, wall, or table.

Cold-Diffusion Technology

Diffusers that utilize cold air and therapeutic oils to provide consistent aroma are long-lasting, cost-effective, and will leave no residue. The cold air nebulizes the oils into a fine mist that will not exacerbate allergies or asthma. Other aroma machines dilute the oils before releasing them into the air. This uses more oil and is expensive to maintain. No diluting also means people in the home enjoy the full therapeutic effect of each oil selected.

There are hundreds of oils from which to choose in twelve categories. Machines are designed to accommodate a vehicle as well as small to extra-large spaces. The AroMini BT, for example, is ideal for apartments while the AromeCube works well in smaller spaces. Refurbished diffusers are available as well to save customers money. Discover the benefits of aromatherapy in the home.